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The policy statements below have been adopted by the HealthCare Roundtable Board of Directors and represent the official position of the Roundtable.

Policy Statement #1

Support Measures to Improve Quality, Reduce Medical Errors and Increase Value.

  • Increase Use of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Pay for Performance (P4P) Initiatives. We support legislation that fosters the development of a health information infrastructure, the adoption of clinical information systems, and the implementation of payment policies to reward health care of high quality and value in the Medicare program and throughout the US health care system as a whole. We believe that the advancement of P4P initiatives should involve stakeholders, be phased-in to avoid disruption to the system, focus on quality improvement without leaving anyone behind and increase transparency. Similarly, efforts to increase the use of HIT should include measurable, interoperable reporting standards and enhancements, and should be adequately and fully funded.

  • Funding of Comparative Effectiveness Research. We support initiatives that promote transparency and accountability by financing and distributing information about evidence-based comparative prescription drug and medical device analysis. To this end, we support a much greater financial commitment of the federal government for research development and distribution, and support additional financing sources in addition to the traditional appropriations process to secure a more stable and meaningful commitment. This will help empower purchasers and consumers to make informed choices about purchasing medications.
Adopted: Nov. 30, 2005

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Policy Statement #2

Support Measures to Constrain Health Care Cost Growth

  • Oppose Legislation That Will Further Increase the Cost of Brand Name Pharmaceuticals. We oppose legislation that unnecessarily and expensively extends the effective patent life of brand prescription drugs under the guise of incentives for more production of certain drug products (e.g. bioterrorism countermeasures). Proposals such as this would not only substantially increase overall pharmaceutical costs but would not be effective at creating incentives for truly innovative pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

  • Support Policies That Increase Access to More Affordable Medications. We support initiatives that expand the appropriate use of cost effective, quality generic drugs and that accelerate the use and broad-based dispersal of generic biopharmaceuticals.

  • Support Policies That Provide Federal Support to Maintain Coverage for Retiree Health Programs. We support policies designed to moderate catastrophic costs of particularly financially burdensome populations (e.g., older, sicker and retired members) through reinsurance mechanisms direct financial support for retiree health populations, or allowing early retirees to buy-into the Medicare program.
Adopted: Nov. 30, 2005

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