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Who We Are

What is the Public Sector HealthCare Roundtable?

The Roundtable is a national coalition of public sector health care purchasers that has been formed to insure that the interests of the public sector are properly represented during the formulation and debate of federal health care reform initiatives. The Roundtable is governed by a Board of Directors and is managed by a governmental affairs firm based in Alexandria, Va.

The Public Sector Healthcare Roundtable - Introduction

Why was the Roundtable organized?

The public sector spends more than $12 billion annually on health benefits for millions of active and retired public employees and their families. Yet, all too frequently, public sector health care purchasers find themselves without a voice when critical policy decisions are considered. Although the public sector's problems are widely shared by private sector employers, solutions that work for corporate America may offer no assistance to governmental purchasers. The Roundtable will identify and advocate on behalf of the unique needs of the public sector in this policy debate.

What are the Roundtable's goals?

Specifically, the Roundtable will seize opportunities to:

  • Educate policymakers about the unique characteristics of public health care purchasers;
  • Influence national debate for improved health care quality and cost reduction;
  • Reduce unsustainable health care cost trends;
  • Reduce costs for individual participants;
  • Share knowledge and expertise to make health care more efficient and cost-effective; and
  • Speak effectively as a collective voice for public sector health care purchasers.
Who can be a member of the Roundtable?

Membership in the Roundtable is open to any statewide, regional or local governmental unit that provides health care coverage for public employees and retirees. In addition, any national, statewide, regional or local organization that represents the interests of public sector health care sponsors, employees or retirees may become an associate member.

If you would like to join the Roundtable, please see our membership page.