Roundtable Joins Call for Bipartisan Action to Stabilize the Nation’s Health Insurance Markets

“We call on Congress to enact legislation, built around robust federal funding for reinsurance that is adequate to ensure stability, encourage competition and lower costs for consumers while maintaining the core consumer protections in current federal statute.”

Roundtable Announces New Strategic Partnership With Better Medicare Alliance

The Roundtable is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Washington, D.C.-based Better Medicare Alliance ( Led by Former U.S Representative Allyson Schwartz, the Better Medicare Alliance is an influential voice and advocate for the Medicare Advantage program and the beneficiaries it serves.

Roundtable Joins Employer Comments In Support of EGWP

“We look forward to working with you and Members of Congress from both parties on policies that encourage EGWP plan innovation to improve care and provide stability for employers to maintain consistent coverage and offer meaningful, cost-effective health benefits and services to millions of retirees.”

Roundtable Applauds the Chronic Disease Management Act of 2018

“…approximately half of all Americans have at least one chronic condition and about a quarter suffer from two or more. Each year, millions of Americans struggle to receive the appropriate care due to onerous cost burdens. Studies show that chronic conditions account for $.86 of every dollar spent on health care and, without appropriate management, lead to adverse effects on health outcomes and quality of life.”

Roundtable Says It Is ‘Deeply Concerned’ About GOP Health Care Proposals

“Both legislative vehicles work against the policy priorities of the Roundtable … and would have a severe deleterious impact on public sector workers, retirees, and their dependents, as well as the state and local taxpayers who fund their benefits.”