The State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA) is a national organization whose purpose is to provide its members with educational and collaborative support. SALGBA offers a continuing education program that provides accreditation as a Certified Government Benefits Administrator.

The Smarter Health Care Coalition has grown to include a broad-based and diverse group of health care innovators, including health plans, life science companies, employer groups, provider-related organizations, trade associations, academia centers and professors, foundations, and consumer groups.

The National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of organizations. The Coalition represents more than 80 participating organizations, including medical societies, businesses, unions, health care providers, faith-based associations, pension and health funds, insurers, and groups representing consumers, patients, women, minorities and persons with disabilities.

C-TAC members are actively working towards transforming health care to achieve a shared vision that “All Americans with advanced illness, especially the sickest and most vulnerable, receive comprehensive, high-quality, person-centered care that is consistent with their goals and values and honors their dignity.”

The Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs brings together a broad-based group of pharmacy benefit managers, employers, unions, health systems, public sector employees, retirees and other stakeholders who are working to be part of the prescription for affordable health.

The mission of the Better Medicare Alliance is to build a healthy future by advocating for a strong Medicare Advantage. A coalition of experts with unique and varied experience in Medicare Advantage, the Alliance is comprised of beneficiaries, providers, advocates, and plans representing innovative thinkers and doers that work together to share the experience of Medicare Advantage. Working together, they’re leading conversations in Washington about the future of care.

The Alliance to Fight the 40

Don’t Tax My Health Care is a broad-based coalition comprised of businesses, patient advocates, employer organizations, unions, local governments, health care companies, consumer groups and other stakeholders that support employer-provided health coverage. This coverage is the backbone of our health care system and protects moe than 181 million Americans. The Alliance seeks to repeal the 40% “Cadillac Tax” on health benefits and work with Congress and the Administration to prevent increased income taxes on workers, families and retirees who rely on employer-provided health coverage. The Alliance is committed to ensuring that employer-provided coverage remains an effective and affordable option for working Americans and their families.

Members of the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing, which represent accountable care providers, leading employer groups, and health insurance providers and the tens of millions of people they employ and serve each day, support meaningful solutions to end surprise medical billing that would:

  • Protect patients and families from surprise medical bills sent by out-of-network providers.
  • Maintain fair and equitable payments for providers with a benchmark standard based on local, competitive market-based rates.
  • Help reduce consumers’ health insurance premiums and taxpayers’ costs by avoiding an arbitration process that adds unnecessary cost, delay and bureaucracy to the health system and is particularly harmful for smaller companies.
Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing